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An heirloom Bearded Iris blooms against the driveway fence

Here are a few blooms and a little furry visitor from the spring garden this year.  I forgot I had taken these pictures and dicovered them while uploading photos from a recent trip to Cape Cod.
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White and yellow bog iris reflects early morning sunlight to create a halo effect in this photo.

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Self sown flowers spring up throughout the long driveway border. I can no longer recall all the names, but beauty speaks for itself.

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White bearded iris as frilly and pretty as a young girl's party dress.

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Creeping sedum blooms yellow in the nooks and crannies of the front steps. Notice the furry little visitor to the left of the steps who popped in for the photo shoot.

photo of eastern chipmunk, Tamias striatus

How could I possibly resist getting a couple shots of this furry little chipmunk when he practically invited himself to the party?



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Lexington, MA - Gorgeous sunset sandwiched between angry blizzard clouds and snow-covered trees

After a full day of being pounded by a blizzard, the skies abruptly clear and clouds part to reveal a stunning sunset sandwiched between wintry clouds and snow covered trees.  What’s a geek to do but pull over and squeeze off a few shots 🙂

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A lone maple stands statuesque against the winter sky


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White PInes covered under recent snowfall offer an idyllic glimpse of winter in New England